Kyndryl Expands Partnership With AWS

Kyndryl Expands Partnership With AWS

Kyndryl quickly after its spin-out from IBM last November has made great strides towards forging strategic alliances in the IT industry, including signing an expanded relationship with AWS earlier this month.

Under this deal, both companies will establish a global AWS Cloud Center of Excellence that will offer customer solutions and services that support infrastructure, next-gen technologies, as well as modernising applications and workflows.


Kyndryl may not garner much media coverage, but its market potential is significant. Since it spun off from IBM last November, Kyndryl has quickly inked deals with leading IT industry names that will allow it to capture a piece of the multi-billion cloud infrastructure managed services market - TechMarketView Chief Research Officer Kate Hanaghan notes the latest one with AWS completes Kyndryl's hyperscaler hat trick."

Kyndryl and AWS will join forces in a strategic collaboration that will develop customer-oriented solutions and tools designed to increase security, operational efficiency and data governance. In addition, these partners will establish the Kyndryl-AWS Innovation Factory so as to jointly co-create artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) solutions tailored towards specific business use cases.

Kyndryl will benefit from AWS investing in their global service professionals to expand the company's capabilities of designing, implementing, migrating and modernizing AWS cloud services within complex IT environments. Kyndryl will also build and operate AWS Managed Resiliency services that cover infrastructure protection as well as identity/data/workload/application protection services.

Kyndryl will leverage AWS managed services and third-party tools to offer customers of AWS a comprehensive security and resiliency solution that can be deployed within minutes, giving them more value from their investment in AWS. Kyndryl provides security, resilience, and compliance capabilities using this partnership model.

Kyndryl will work closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on developing solutions that will enable customers to manage, scale and deploy data platform management services on AWS with full-stack operations management to ensure accuracy, lineage, quality and consistency of data. They will also deliver services designed to industrialize AI adoption for business use cases using AWS including ModelOps Services which combine AWS Service tools along with Kyndryl principles accelerators frameworks automating end-to-end AI lifecycle from data collection through modelling deployment and monitoring.

AWS and Kyndryl will collaborate to offer their customers an infrastructure aligned with Amazon Security Lake that can reduce costs and simplify security in the cloud. Customers will have one central place from which to view their security posture as well as speed up threat detection capabilities.

Cloud Computing

Kyndryl and AWS have come together to develop solutions that support infrastructure, modernize applications and workflows, and more. Kyndryl is creating a global AWS Cloud Center of Excellence so its services professionals can assist customers during migration journeys while taking advantage of AWS' availability, reliability, and security capabilities as the world's premier cloud platform.

AWS and Kyndryl have collaborated on projects such as speeding business transformation for Care New England, a healthcare system transitioning from multiple disparate electronic medical records systems to an Epic-based platform. Prior to this collaboration, Care New England needed to invest in maintaining multiple IT and application infrastructures due to its rapidly increasing data volumes - yet with AWS-Kyndryl the non-profit can now focus on more valuable activities by freeing up resources for other tasks.

Kyndryl and AWS have collaborated on a project with the State of Arizona to help it transition to an efficient IT environment by migrating legacy and mission-critical systems to a hybrid cloud architecture. Kyndryl will use AWS as a single point of control across multiple environments while providing performance monitoring, reporting and optimization for its complex IT ecosystem.

Kyndryl and AWS have also joined forces on an ongoing project with a leading automotive manufacturer to assist its engineering and manufacturing teams automate their quality process using IoT, machine learning models at edge, digital twin for real-time monitoring and real-time tracking of patterns and defects; ultimately helping reduce production costs through reduced rework or wasteful processes.

Kyndryl has become one of the three cloud market share leaders, accounting for two-thirds of global infrastructure services market share. Since separating from IBM in late last year, Kyndryl has already secured deals with Microsoft, SAP and Google Cloud; an AWS partnership will further accelerate customer adoption plans. In an interview with CRN published today, Grama explains why Kyndryl partnered with these hyperscalers; how Kyndryl offers an integrated and comprehensive set of managed services; and why AWS partnership will enable Kyndryl to continue to expand topline revenues growth.

Infrastructure Modernization

Kyndryl, the infrastructure services business spun out from IBM last year, has signed a lucrative partnership agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through this collaboration, Kyndryl can support customers as they transition their data and applications into public cloud environments while taking advantage of AWS' AI features.

Kyndryl-AWS Partnership also seeks to modernize existing VMware deployments by providing access to solutions, services, and expertise from Kyndryl. Kyndryl claims it has an abundance of premises-bound VMware customers; through this deal they will now have an expedited path towards cloud migration.

Kyndryl has expanded its offerings since breaking away from IBM to compete more directly against its major managed services rivals. They already work closely with Nokia to increase edge and 5G offerings and recently signed an agreement with Verizon to meet enterprise customers' cloud infrastructure needs.

Kyndryl will assist its customers as demand for AWS infrastructure continues to increase by helping them build and run applications on this platform. This may involve managing complex information technology environments on AWS as well as optimizing SAP applications' performance within it.

Kyndryl-AWS will partner with AWS Innovation Factory to co-develop AI and machine learning (ML) solutions tailored specifically for industry use cases, which will enable customers to leverage AWS' data-driven capabilities for improving security while speeding up digital transformation journeys.

Kyndryl announced its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) following its spin-off from IBM last November, shortly before expanding its offerings to assist customers navigating IT transformations. Under this agreement, Kyndryl will establish an AWS Centre of Excellence offering state-of-the-art customer solutions including migration/acceleration of hybrid cloud adoption; mission critical workload support; and next generation technologies.

Digital Transformation

Kyndryl and AWS will join forces to assist customers with designing, implementing, migrating, modernizing and managing cloud services across complex IT environments. Part of their partnership involves the establishment of an innovation factory where they will co-develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities tailored towards specific industry use cases. Kyndryl will also accelerate application modernization efforts on AWS by helping mainframe workloads run on microservices quickly while modernizing legacy applications into microservices faster.

One international telecommunications provider contracted Kyndryl to consolidate their software environment onto a hybrid cloud in order to reduce IT operating costs, shorten time required to introduce new services, and deliver enhanced user experiences.

Kyndryl created a solution with AWS to enable faster and more reliable application migrations. Their AWS Migration Hub solution automatically discovered applications and their dependencies before managing the migration process - helping the telecom company complete all migrations within five months!

Kyndryl also collaborated with AWS to design and deploy an automated and secure patching framework for its IT infrastructure, using AWS Systems Manager as its base solution to automate applying patches to managed nodes, OSes and apps utilizing automated patch management technology - reporting changes back to management for monitoring purposes as well as compliance findings.

Similar to using AWS ML Optimization Services for industrializing AI adoption for business use cases on AWS, the company used AWS ML Optimization Services to industrialize its AI adoption for business usecases on AWS by managing their entire data platform ecosystem in terms of accuracy, lineage and quality as well as providing end-to-end ML Ops services such as model building deployment monitoring; which allowed them to increase productivity while producing high value AI outcomes for the business.

As part of their partnership agreement, Kyndryl will become a premier global alliance partner and AWS will train over 10,000 Kyndryl services professionals on its platform by 2022 - building upon Kyndryl's extensive work so far to expand their capacity to provide digital transformation options to customers.


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